Friday, June 19, 2009

Tote-ally Oversized!!!

Summer isn't summer without a tote bag to carry all your gear - shades, extra pants in case your pants get wet, naughty magazines, socks, fake money, etc. Get your tote-fix at Love Brigade + Friends.

This over sized Agnes Deyn tote really screams,
“Hi, how are ya!” Everyone/everything looks great with Agnes.
Wear her with anything and take her to any occasion. $38

Duh, it's Madonna. $38

Kate Bowie. David Moss. Kavid Mowie. $38

Oh boy, oh boy…why, yes it is pre-mental
Boy George on this oversized tote! $38

We don't know who this is, but it says FACE. $38

And don't forget about the Love Brigade tote! $15
$2 with an in-store purchase - Get it online

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