Saturday, June 13, 2009

Helping the Dudes Get it Together

Here are some Spring outfits put together by Erica! Come by the Love Brigade + Friends store to get geared up for the goodtimes :).

Guys, are you ready for those blistering hot summer days? This horizontal striped Trapeze tee by the Mind Body Problem paired with Vintage Walking shorts by Bossy Hill will surely have you chillin’. A little treasure from UK to BK, the Roman Numeral Rings chain completes the outfit.

Trapeze Tee - $60
Bossy Hill Shorts - $45
Roman Numeral Rings Necklace - $36

This isn’t any ol’ Williamsburg tee…it’s a Williamsfuckingburg tee by Love Brigade. This chocolate brown tee matched with Love Brigade’s black skinny denim is…well…one badass outfit. Our black sateen denim is the perfect weight and feel for the spring/summer weather. Stay cool in a pair of pants? Insane!

Love Brigade Williamsfuckingburg Tee - $28 (Available in other colorways)
Love Brigade Black Sateen Dangerpants - $98

This casual men’s Micro Tee paired with charcoal skinny jeans both by Love Brigade and a ceramic lighting bolt necklace, a treasure from the UK. This outfit is insane in the membrane!

Love Brigade Micro Tee - $49 - Get it online!
Love Brigade Charcoal Linen Dangerpants - $98
Fat Ceramic Lightning Bolt Neklace - $45

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