Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alex 'Dangerpants' English

Alex English, our pal from GBH, made a suprise visit to Love Brigade + Friends this past week. He was on a mission - a mission for pants. We obliged with our Black Sateen Dangerpants (only $98!!!!). These are the perfect spring/summer jeans. They are dressy, they are casual, you can roll them up, roll in them, and do yoga.

Alex is the go-to-guy - DJ/promoter/smallest man on the planet/beardy. Week after week, Alex puts together the biggest, baddest, most slammin'est dance extravaganzas in NY. If there's a party, he's probably dipped his finger into the pot. Friday night is our night with Alex, as we kickoff every weekend with Girls & Boys at Webster Hall. Check it out!

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