Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hottie of the Moment: Santiago Quintero

Once in a while, we like to feature some eye-candy for our fans and our readers. Sometimes eye candy means beautiful boys.

You guys aren't even ready for this one ;). Meet Santiago Quintero - fixed gears, neuro-surgeon, DJ, licensed therapist, half-lawyer, fashion expert (can we say that?). Keep your eye out for him - he's usually wearing our Dangerpants (one of the best slim fit denim you'll get on your man-legs). We love Santiago, and he loves us. Give him a chance!

p.s. he bites.

p.s.s. In the photo to the left, he is wearing our Soundwave Tank in this photo. Also, you can't see it, but he has 'Brigada del Amor' tatooed on his chest.


  1. He is So hot, I always see him around , but im too shy to talk to him <3333

  2. aw santi, lookin good

  3. Joanne TrackheadMay 10, 2009 at 1:30 PM

    Holy smokes, I'm going to book mark this picture so i can masturbate to him <333 santiago you rock my world!

  4. @joanne,

    lol this is out of control!!!

  5. if hes shy, then hes MY type. shy & sexy. i love that