Friday, April 24, 2009

HUM1 Recycled Bags for Humanisma

HUM1 Bags now at Love Brigade + Friends. We had the rare opportunity of meeting Dorianne Cuénoud, the generous creator behind HUM1. She showed up from Switzerland on a rainy day in Brooklyn and the rest was history. It was a charming experience, and we hope to see her again soon. For now, you MUST come to the store and at least see the bags she makes. Come see us this weekend and put one on to see how it feels :).

And now the good stuff:

HUM1, hand-made recycled products.

HUM1- when innertubes become bags, wallets, and belts!

HUM1 sells different products, each hand made, created with used materials. The innertubes are recycled truck tires which are individually washed, cut, glued and sewn until they become a perfectly functional HUM1 item.

HUM1 was created to raise funds for the non-profit association Humanisma,
which works to promote
health and education in different part of the world. Proceeds from sale help finance various Humanisma projects.

By buying HUM1 you are helping these humanitarian efforts. At present, Humanisma is helping a village in Cameroun build a health center and running it independently. Humanisma is also participating in health and educational projects in Burkina Faso and
is willing to raise funds for a monastery in Ladakh. For more information, visit :


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