Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"I'm the Izza Kizza!"

Jeanette Converse (Love Brigade Ninja Assistant), Dan (Izza Kizza’s manager), Jennifer (Worship Worthy)

Love Brigade was recently asked to style rapper, Izza Kiza, Timbaland's new protege'. We sent Alyssa Key and Jeanette Converse(our ninja!) to bring a new and fresh Lower East Side-esque style to the gorgeous girls of his new music video, "I'm the Izza Kiza". These are not your average video girls. They are strong, ambitious women with fire in their eyes and sexy skirts around their waists. Pair that with edgy T-shirts and punky accessories. These women don't chase Izza Kiza in the clubs, they sign him to their own record labels. Much like the Love Brigade woman herself.

The video will feature some of our most amazing pieces from Sessen IV, Love, Kurt, and Ex Oh. There was also some fabulous pieces used from Manslaughter for Mishka and Worship Worthy.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the debut of "I'm the Izza Kiza" featuring styling from Love Brigade most likely due out after the holidays.

Pics via Worship Worthy

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